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Chicago Data Recovery Services
Removable Media Data Recovery
At Chicago Data Recovery, Inc. we specialize in the recovery of lost data from Jaz disks, zip disks, optical disks, digital camera media, CD-ROM, DVD's, floppy disks and others.

These devices are used in both the digital media and computing environment. Some removable media available today are being used for greater performance and capacity.

Jaz disks, zip disks, optical disks, digital camera media, CD-ROM, DVD's, Bernoulli Drives, floppy disks and others.

Smart Media Recovery for Zip, Removable and Floppy Disk Recovery
No matter whatever the failure case of your zip disk, floppy, optical disc, or other digital device be, Chicago Data Recovery, Inc. has the skill to help you recover your important data from overwritten files and disk reformatting.

Here are just some of the common data recovery cases for floppy disks, zip disks, smart media that we can recover successfully

  • File Overwrites
  • Deleted Files and Partitions
  • Disk Reformatting
  • Virus Contamination
  • Disk Boot Failures
  • Physical Damage From Fire or Flood
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Failure
  • Accidental File Deletion and Human Error
  • Corrupt or Damaged Files
  • Inaccessible Disks and Files



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