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RAID Fails - But We Don't
RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) disks are considered to be the most stable and secure, offering fault tolerance and protection on extreme basis, as compared to single drive disks. RAID disks are basically several hard disks and data disks that are combined to form one unit or an array of disks. This multiple disk phenomena, thus, increases the overall performance of the system.

But all these factors still don't mean Failure Resistant RAID array; complex systems as followed in RAID Array can cause it to suffer from data loss and even RAID crash. For such a data disaster, you will need Specialist data recovery Services to recover and restore data.

Our specialized engineers and technicians are trained to recover lost data and restore RAID array drives. We work equally on all types of RAID drives.

In RAID drives, we've dealt in different drive damage scenarios like:

  • Physical damage to the RAID unit
  • Crashed drives in RAID array
  • RAID array creation without prior knowledge results in disk damage
  • Extremely low performance rates
  • Problematic Parallel data transferring
If your RAID drive is suffering from any one of these or other RAID disk damages, you can count on us for RAID Data Recovery. We understand the importance of your data, as Data Loss not only causes inconvenience but a huge liability and risk factors are also involved in it.

We provide RAID data recovery facility for all major operating systems as Windows NT / 2000, Unix, Novell, Linux, BSD, Banyan Vines, Exchange, Sun Solaris, AIX and even more. All RAID levels are also included in the RAID recovery evaluation process.




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